Lodging and Other Logistics

Happy campers in their quarters


Sleeping quarters at Camp McDowell (Adult Emphasis) are motel style rooms with two full beds (linens provided) and private bathroom. (Session 1 – adult emphasis – camp fee is for double occupancy. Add $150 for single occupancy / subject to availability.)

Camp Lee lodge sleeping accommodations will be divided into separate areas for males and females with open lodge style (up to 20 per room) with camp bunk beds and community bathrooms. Camp Lee sleeping quarters are oriented to youth campers, so most adults find the beds “comfort challenging.“ All the sleeping and meeting areas are air conditioned. Session 2 campers are responsible for providing all your own linens: sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, etc. Some campers elect to stay off-site at local hotels at their own expense (camp fees are not reduced) after evening activities end and return for breakfast in the morning. If you plan to stay off-site, please notify us in advance. (Information on hotels near both camps is available on the Directions page.)

Lunch at the Camp Lee dining hall


Meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be offered buffet-style in the camp dining hall. A specific vegetarian menu may not be provided, but salads and sometimes other vegetables are available. We will also provide snacks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. (If you would like to bring treats such as drinks, cookies, brownies, fruit, chips, or other food for the snack times, we would appreciate it.)

The Zip Line!


Camp Fasola recreation will include swimming, hiking, canoeing, rock slide (a Camp Lee exclusive), zip line (Camp Lee only), wall climbing (Camp Lee only) fishing (bring your own gear), ropes courses, exercise class, crafts, horseshoes, and games.

Young adult campers learn the rudiments


We will have a good selection of lessons and electives, so you will have at least three hours of singing school lessons per day plus more singing each night. We will have sessions for all levels of experience from beginners through experienced singers.


Counselors will supervise camp activities for youth age 10 to 18 for Session 2 only. Parents/guardians or grandparents are responsible for accompanying and supervising children ages 6-9 at all times for all activities, meals, classes, and sleeping. We will not have counselors to supervise youth campers for Session 1. Campers will be asked to perform some area of service during camp.

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