Sheppard Scholarships

Fundraiser for Camp Fasola Youth Scholarships in Honor of Jeff Sheppard

This is a time of year for giving thanks. Those who knew Jeff Sheppard were saddened by his death this summer. But we are also thankful to have known him in life – as a smart, generous, and funny person; as an amazingly talented and active Sacred Harp singer; and as a founder, co-director, and staunch supporter of Camp Fasola. At Jeff’s funeral in August, camp director David Ivey commented that:

After his family, Sacred Harp singing was Jeff’s life. He had a heart for future generations of singers, even those he would never meet. He wanted young people to have an opportunity to learn Sacred Harp “the right way.” Jeff organized the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association and searched for and found the location for Camp Fasola. Jeff’s vision, his spirit, his caring, and his high standards are imprinted all over Camp Fasola forever.

If, like so many of us, Jeff had a lasting impact on your life both in and out of the hollow square, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Camp Fasola (a project of SHMHA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) in his beloved memory. Donating to the Camp Fasola youth scholarship fund is a way to thank Jeff, his family, and all of those who work so hard to make Camp the amazing program that it is. In helping young singers attend camp and thus become the next generation of Sacred Harp singers, your generosity will help to carry on the legacy of Jeff and all Sacred Harp singers gone on before us.

Heavenly Land features twenty selections from The Sacred Harp. After you make a donation, a Camp Fasola volunteer will email you a link to the mp3 page. If you order the CD version, it will be mailed to you.

Heavenly Land features twenty selections from The Sacred Harp. After you make a donation, a Camp Fasola volunteer will email you a link to a page at which you can download mp3s of the recording.

In return, we at Camp Fasola would like to thank you for your tax-deductible contribution with access to mp3s for streaming and download of Heavenly Land, a recording in honor of Jeff Sheppard featuring a quintet of Camp Fasola teachers (Richard Ivey, Jonathon Smith, Nathan Rees, Cassie Allen, and Jesse P. Karlsberg).

We welcome your donation at any level, including the amounts listed below.

If you would like to make a large gift to Camp Fasola, or have a question about giving, please write to

  • $15 – Singing Supporter
  • $25 – Crooning Contributor
  • $50 – Harmonious Helper
  • $100 – Bellowing Benefactor
  • $200 – Fasola Philanthropist

To donate via PayPal:

  1. Click on the donate button above, and (once on PayPal) enter the amount you would like to contribute.
  2. You can then either log in to you PayPal account or click on the “continue” link on the bottom left to pay by credit card.
  3. Once you’ve logged in or entered your credit card information, you can click on the “Make a special request” text if you have a question or wish, which we will do our best to honor.

To donate via check:

  1. Make your check out to “SHMHA” in the amount you would like to donate.
  2. Mail it to:
    Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association
    Sheppard Scholarships
    Pam Nunn, Treasurer
    617 Ayers Drive
    Anniston, AL 36207