Camp Fasola 2012 – Youth Emphasis

Note: To pay by check, please proceed through the registration form (with the PayPal payment option selected), enter all necessary information for the attendee(s), and click on the “Overview” and then the “Confirm and Continue to PayPal” buttons. Once on the PayPal web site, you may close your browser window without completing the transaction. Please then send payment by check, made out to “SHMHA Camp Fasola,” to Jeannette DePoy, 1239 Newbridge Trace, Atlanta, GA 30319.

You may also send a check along with this printable Camp Fasola application (PDF).

Look at the Youth Program (preliminary)

Youth campers perform on "Girls Night" at Camp 2010

The Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association will hold Camp Fasola for learning Sacred Harp singing, history, and traditions for the ninth consecutive year. This year, there will be three sessions of Camp Fasola. In addition to our adult emphasis camp and a youth emphasis camp, both held in Alabama, we are offering a session held in Europe.

Camp Fasola – Youth Emphasis is open to both youth and adults, beginners and experienced singers, though a large majority of its camper slots reserved for youth. Adults who desire to accompany their youth may attend. Multiple daily sessions will be devoted to teaching Sacred Harp singing, as well as times for recreation, rest, fellowship, and singing. All campers will be expected to perform some area of service during the week. More than 200 campers attended in 2010.

The camp fee includes four nights air-conditioned lodging and meeting rooms, eleven meals, snacks, t-shirts, lessons, and activities. Camp fee for guests not participating in the Sacred Harp activities add $200. Reservations are available on a first come / first served basis.

Campers learn to make lemonade

Campers learn to make lemonade at Camp 2011

Sleeping at Camp Lee are lodge style with bunk beds (linens not provided) and community bathrooms (separate lodges for males and females).

We are unable to accommodate campers 6-9 years of age without a parent/guardian who will be responsible for supervising them around the clock. (You should expect that this will require taking housing in a hotel at your expense). Travel to camp is the responsibility of campers. Please note that singings are held nearby on the weekends before and after both sessions of camp.

Preliminary Daily Schedules
Time Youth Session
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Free Time
9:00 AM Singing School Lesson
10:15 AM Recess—Snack
10:30 AM Recreation: Canoeing, Rock Slide, Zip Line or Elective
12:00 PM Lunch
12:45 PM Rest
1:00 PM Singing School Lesson
2:30 PM Recreation: Swimming, Hiking, Crafts, Exercise or Elective
3:45 PM Recess—Snack
4:00 PM Singing School Lesson
5:00 PM Recreation / Free Time or Elective
6:00 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Free Time
7:30 PM Class Singing
8:45 PM Devotional
9:00 PM Free Time
9:45 PM Report to Quarters
10:30 PM Lights Out

Joyce Walton directs at a Sacred Harp history lesson

The Youth Emphasis Camp will begin on Monday, July 2nd at 4:00 p.m. and will run through Friday, July 6th at 9:00 a.m. This session will be programmed with an emphasis for youth and adults under age 30 (full recreation schedule, fewer singing elective classes). Session 2 will be held at Camp Lee near Anniston, Alabama.

While the two camp sessions are not exclusive for different age groups, the sessions are structured to offer classes and activities that better fit the interests shown by youth and adults in past camps. Session 2 will have a large majority of its camper slots reserved for youth. Adults who desire to accompany their youth may attend Session 2. Also, some campers may need to attend a particular session to fit their personal schedules.

Ticket Prices
Youth (29 and under)$200.00
Adult (30 and up)$400.00